Making a Baby – Best Sexual Positions

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Written by Pradeep

Well enjoyed, varied and well timed sex increases chances of conception

Well enjoyed, varied and well timed sex increases chances of conception

As husband and wife you have been together for some time and planning for a baby is the next big thing in your life. Conceiving a baby can be natural to some couples but for some it might take some time and a little more effort than others. Sex is, of course, a prerequisite for a natural pregnancy. Chances of pregnancy can be increased if you have a varied sex life and try different positions. Though a particular sexual position cannot be relied upon when it comes to baby making, but one can try to ease all the work sperms have to do, when they travel in upward direction to your fallopian tube. Some sex positions easily allow the movement of sperms and some do not.

You should try to prefer some techniques too when trying to get pregnant. Things like keeping a pillow under your hip will help you elevate your pelvic and sperms will easily flow inside you, selecting a sex position that helps sperms swim freely in upward direction will be of great help in the act of love making. Select a position that allows deep penetration when you are under your man, so that the ejaculation is in the closest position to your uterus and by this you will save the efforts made by sperms to travel up inside you. Another technique that can help you conceive easily is having intercourse with raised legs and if possible pelvic too. Also, charting your cycle and knowing when you are most fertile helps time sex – and also increases chances of conception.

You can get pregnant in almost any position if you have a healthy body and a well-timed, enjoyable intercourse. Certain positions which do not help sperms flow upward inside you and are gravity defying should be avoided. Sexual position in which you ride your man, stand or sit up on him will have some action of gravity on his sperms and may travel the opposite direction. Missionary position in which the man is on the top is good for conceiving. Butterfly position in which a woman lies on her back on the edge of bed with some help from her man to raised hips also ensures better penetration and helps sperms stay in vagina, this position also helps you have some dirty sex in addition and feels amazing. Spooning sexual position, doggy style etc are also good for deep penetration. If you want to flaunt your acrobatic skills try Plough style, in this position the woman literally stands on her hands with some of her body and legs up in the air, the man gets between her legs holding her legs with his hands and penetrate. Try not to break a bone if you can manage doing this position! Having an orgasm also helps the females as the vagina gets lubricated and cervix opens up more.

When you try to conceive it is not required to have sex all the time and more frequently, greater number of intercourse will not increase your chances but exhaust your man and his sperm count will be lowered. Try to have sexual intercourse every other day, around your ovulation period with more sperm count than more sexual episodes. Don’t do stupid things like vaginal douche after having sex, your just washing down and flushing all your efforts of having baby by doing this. Try to be stress free when you are trying for a baby, having a good foreplay and after play when you have sex and cuddle this will make you feel better relieve you of all stress.


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