10 Wonderful Benefits Of Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies

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 Benefits Of Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies

Massaging your baby with oil is extremely vital to strengthen their bones and stimulate blood circulation and you need to ensure you choose the perfect massage oil for the same. Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies is an excellent choice.

A gentle and tender massage with the right oil can work wonders for your little baby. Many mothers wonder if mustard oil for baby massage is safe or not. So here is everything you need to know about the wonderful benefits of mustard oil when used as a massage oil for your little baby.

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10 Wonderful Benefits of Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies

Well now that you know how to use mustard oil for baby massage, it’s time you also realize the benefits of using the same on the infants:

1. Helps to Retain the Body’s Warmth

In cold areas, mustard oil is extremely beneficial to retain the warmth of the body. It acts as an excellent insulator as even a gentle massage with mustard oil seeps into the skin gradually.

2. Excellent for Massages

Massages are imperative for babies in order to fortify the baby’s bones and increase circulation of blood. Mustard oil is one of the most preferred baby oils for massage, thereby helping to strengthen your baby’s bones.

3. Good for Providing Relief From Asthma

Mustard oil has quite a strong smell and it has been found that this is quite effective to provide significant relief from asthmatic symptoms in babies. All you need to do is mix a small portion of camphor when heating a spoonful of mustard oil till lukewarm. Massaging the little one’s chest with this mixture provides excellent relief.

4. Quite Effective to Cure Cold and Cough Symptoms

Massaging your little darling with mustard oil has also been proven to cure cold and cough especially during the cold season. Heating the mustard oil till it get lukewarm and adding couple of garlic cloves before massaging your little one has been found to be quite effective in clearing nasal congestion and also providing relief from cold and cough.

5. Possesses Antibacterial Properties

mustard oil for baby Massage

Mustard oil has wonderful antibacterial properties also. This powerful oil is strong enough to destroy Salmonella Typhi (S.Typhi) and E coli bacteria. These bacteria are quite dangerous and are known to trigger all kinds of illnesses in human beings.

6. Have Antifungal Properties

Mustard oil also has been found to have wonderful anti fungal properties that makes it ideal for babies who are suffering from any kind of fungal infections.

7. Plays the Role of an Insect Repellent

It is common knowledge that mustard oil is pungent and has a strong odor that can actually repel insects and keep them at bay. This becomes an added advantage to ward off any kind of insects from biting your precious darling when you massage your baby with mustard oil. And since this is completely natural, it becomes all the more advantageous.

8. Helps to Open Sweat Pores

Massaging with mustard oil has been proven to open your baby’s sweat pores which can be quite a blessing during hot seasons. This property of the mustard oil help to ensure the baby sweats easily, thus lowering the quantity of toxins and waste products in the little one’s system.

9. Using Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies Is Ideal for Combating Skin Infections

Massaging with mustard oil is a good remedy to combat all kinds of skin infections that babies normally face including antifungal or antibacterial in nature. Using this on a regular basis can surely help to reduce rashes or skin issues to a great extent in small babies.

10. Scalp Massage

Massaging your baby’s scalp with mustard oil helps to stimulate and promote hair growth in babies.

Ways to Use Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies

infant getting massage

You are planning to give your little infant mustard oil massage but are unsure how to do this. Then read on for tips about using mustard oil for infant massage:

  • It is an age-old practice to boil mustard oil. Once the oil cools down it is stored in a bottle and this boiled and cooled oil is then used regularly before bath to massage the baby’s body and head.
  • Some mothers believe that just warming up the required quantity of mustard oil before a massage is sufficient.
  • Adding ajwain seeds to the boiled mustard oil and then letting it cool and massaging the baby with this is also very beneficial for the infant.
  • Some mothers also like to massage their babies by dipping the raw garlic pods in mustard oil.
  • During cold winter weather, adding a few basil leaves to the warm mustard oil is also a very popular practice.

Risks of Using Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies

However, mustard oil does have some adverse effects that you need to be aware of before you start massaging your little one with it:

1. Can Cause Skin Damage

Mustard oil has some irritable properties that can trigger various skin issues on sensitive skin. Using it regularly for a massage for long periods can increase water loss in your baby’s skin causing- blisters on the skin.

2. Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

Mustard oil can also trigger allergic symptoms in some babies. The main indicators of an allergic reaction to mustard oil include hives, cracked and dried skin, itchiness, and redness.

3. Consult Your Doctor Before Using Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies

Most importantly, you need to ask your pediatrician’s advice as to how good and safe massaging with mustard oil is before you begin using it. Your doctor knows your baby the best and what exactly is beneficial or harmful for your little darling.

There are various oils available for massaging babies and choosing the best oil for your little one can be quite confusing. Mustard oil for infant massage is traditionally preferred in India over other oils and it is one of the best oils that you can pick to massage your baby with. However, it is always better to ask your baby’s doctor before fixing a particular baby massage oil.


1. Can I Give my 3 Month Old Mustard Oil Massage?

Consult your doctor first. This oil is generally considered safe. However, some babies might be very sensitive.

2. Can I Use Mustard Oil on my Baby’s Hair?

Yes, you can. It can promote hair growth. Gently massage the scalp with this oil.

3. Is Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies Safe?

Yes, it is. Many people use it for their babies. It can help keep with cold and fungal infections too.

4. What are the Side Effects of Using Mustard Oil For Massaging Babies?

Some babies can be sensitive to this oil. This can result in allergic reactions. In such a case, consult your doctor immediately.

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