Preconception Detox For Fertility- Safety, When to Consider and Side Effects

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Ajanta Biswas

Preconception Detox

Every couple wants their pregnancy to be healthy and have a healthy child. There are a few things that a would-be parent can do to ensure this. Preconception detox, one such method, helps in releasing harmful toxins from your body to make it a secure habitat for 9 months for your baby.

Due to the advancement of science and the human instinct to gain profit from it, our body gets in contact with many harmful chemicals every day. Our body has its mechanism to let go of these toxins naturally. But the toxin load sometimes gets higher, causing the accumulation of toxins in tissues and vital organs like the heart, liver, etc. Removal of these harmful toxins is necessary before conception for a healthy and successful pregnancy.  Preconception detox is a gender-neutral process as both you and your male partner will be equally taking part in making a healthy baby.

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What is Preconception Detox?

According to APA, Preconception detox is a procedure to purify your body of harmful toxins before you try to conceive. Preconception detox focuses on a healthy diet and healthy living. Both the upcoming parents need to try this to make a healthy egg as well as sperm to ultimately make a healthy baby.

Preconception detox can be considered an important component of conscious conception, a concept that has been gaining increasing popularity in recent years. As a part of conscious conception, you will consciously decide to have a baby and take all the steps needed to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Is Preconception Detox Safe?

Is Preconception Detox Safe

Yes, preconception detox is completely safe for you. In fact, it will be beneficial for you and your baby’s health. Environmental toxins such as dioxins and Polychlorinated biphenyls can harm a developing fetus. Bisphenol A or BPA, a toxin found in many consumer products, is an endocrine disrupter and can affect the development as well as sexual differentiation of your baby. These toxins are fat-soluble. They usually are stored in our body fat.

During the metabolically active period of pregnancy the stored fat melts and thus creates a greater chance of toxin exposure for the baby. So, it is not only safe but also advisable to take a medically instructed detox program before pregnancy to reduce the transfer of toxins in your baby’s body.

How Does Detox Help With Fertility?

Pre-Pregnancy detox can help your fertility in many ways. It can effectively balance your hormones and reduce chromosomal abnormality in the egg as well as sperm. A systematic detox program gives your digestive system enough time to rest and heal. It reduces the load on your kidney and liver, thus making them perform better. This will help you to lessen the chances of constipation, gestational diabetes, and gastric problems during pregnancy.

Preconception detox also helps you to lose those extra kilos thus making you fit for a smooth pregnancy. PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome, one of the leading problems behind infertility in women can be improved through detoxification.

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Effects of Detox on Future Pregnancy And Fetal Health

As the process of preconception detox makes you eat and drink healthy fresh and organic products, it develops a good habit in you. So, you will naturally get inclined towards following a healthy diet and lifestyle even after the 6 months of preconception detox. As a result, when you get pregnant in the near future it will be much easier for you to follow the dietary restrictions of pregnancy.

As your body gets rid of toxins your baby will only get essential nourishment from you. As detox can lead to producing a healthy egg, the chances of miscarriage or abnormality of the fetus will be reduced. So, the effects of detox in your future pregnancy are very positive and effective.

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When Should You Consider Preconception Detox?

It will be better if you start the preconception detox program at least six months before pregnancy. You should at least start detoxing your body 3 months before conception. This is because a follicle takes about 3 months to mature and release an egg. So, if you start detoxification around or before this time then the chances of producing a healthy egg will be high.

In the case of the male partner, timely detoxification will increase the quality and count of the sperm. But as soon as you conceive you need to stop detoxification as detoxing during pregnancy can be harmful to the baby. Cleaning your interior is best before the arrival of the guest unless they will get suffocated from the dust.

Preconception Detox For Women

Preconception detox for men and women

Here are the steps for preconception detox for women.

  • You can start preconception detox by gradually cutting off fast food, hard as well as soft drinks, coffee, sugar, alcohol, trans fat, and white carbs.
  • Put in their place green leafy organic veggies, lentils, fruits, meat, nuts, and seeds.
  • Then you can gradually shift towards dry fasting (complete fasting) or water-based fasting (fasting with just drinking water) or intermittent fasting (eating only between limited hours) occasionally.
  • Fasting leads your cells to release energy stored as fat and with it, the toxins are also released from your body.

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Preconception Detox For Men

In addition to the chemicals consumed through food or cosmetics, men are more exposed to nicotine and alcohol. As male infertility is responsible for 1 in 3 pregnancy failures, men also need to follow detoxification. Chemicals found in pesticides like Endocrine disrupting compounds or EDC mimic estrogen in the male body and reduce testosterone and make them infertile.

To detox, men need to do the following.

  • Eat pesticide-free organic vegetables, meat, and dairy products.
  • Having green superfoods and whole herbs will make your liver cleanse toxins and reduce erectile dysfunctions by properly circulating pure blood in all your organs.
  • Avoiding smoking, drinking, drugs and any kind of chemical intake.
  • Those who are into workouts and body building should especially avoid steroids in any form during this period.

Are There Any Side Effects to Preconception Detox?

There are some mild initial side effects of preconception detox. These are

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Temporary hormonal imbalance
  • Acne
  • Loose stool
  • Odd toxic feeling

These effects are completely natural and in fact a good sign. It means your detoxification process is going well. You may also feel weak and lethargic if you reduce your calorie intake rapidly. So, take a slow but steady step. Take time and your body will get habituated to the detox process.

Precautions to Be Taken During Preconception Detox

There are a few precautions you should follow before and during your preconception detox. These are

  1. Always take a medical advice
  2. Prepare your body to excrete the toxins otherwise, your blood will carry high levels of toxins released from your cells
  3. You need to have a regular bowel movement
  4. Ensure your kidneys are well and good
  5. Make the sweat pours clean
  6. Drink a lot of water as this water will carry the toxins out of your body

When to Consult the Doctor?

You need to consult the doctor for testing the toxicity level in your blood before and after taking the detox method. If the side effects of detox the too harsh on you then you should also consult. Lastly, you should take your doctor’s advice on when you should try for conception.

So, preconception detox is a beneficial way to move ahead in a healthy pregnancy journey. It will change your way of living for the greater good. Sometimes cleaning your outer skin is not enough. You need to detoxify your interior too. Especially before pregnancy.


1. How Do You Cleanse Your Reproductive System Naturally?

You can cleanse your reproductive system naturally by drinking lemon water on a daily basis, eating fresh and whole foods, and exercising to release sweat. You will have to drink plenty of water to release those harmful toxins from your body in the form of urine and sweat.

2. How Can I Detox My Body For Conception?

You can detox your body by following a few steps such as drinking lukewarm lemon water first in the morning, drinking plenty of purified water, having herbal tea and juice, exercising, and eating healthy. You can also try dry brushing your skin to remove dead cells to let sweat appear properly.

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