Pregnancy and Mood Swings!

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Pregnancy Mood Swings
Are you crying at the drop of an hat? Or laughing at the most odd moments? Or laughing and crying at the same time? Yes, you are going through tremendous phases of mood swings, which are fairly common during pregnancy, and you can rightly blame them all on your hormones and the varied feelings crossing your mind now that you are going to be a parent. You may want to cry out loud or may become teary on happy occasions. You may want to fight on trivial issues, fears may pop up every now and then regarding the health of the unborn baby or your own health. Pregnant women may depression or anxiety may creep in, leaving you feeling isolated or left out. You might be not happy with your new body. Mixed emotions making you feel miserable and low at one time, and joyful and elated the next moment.

What Causes Mood Swings During Pregnancy

The main reason is the changes in the level of hormones (progesterone and estrogen) during pregnancy which can affect the level of neurotransmitter in brain that regulates the moods. Especially during the first trimester, the rising levels of hormones does have some significant effect on your brain’s wiring leading to mood swings. Women stress out during these times thinking about the health of the baby, financial concerns or drastic physical changes. Another reason for mood swings can be caused by fatigue, heartburn, body pain due to pregnancy as the body has the work to nurture a life.

Mood Swings And Baby Gender

Old wives tale has it that mood swings during pregnancy are also indicative of the gender of the baby you are carrying. Apparently, if your mood fluctuates very frequently, you are carrying a girl. Well, if it is so, then girls do start showing up very early in life!!
Mood swings in pregnancy

Pregnancy Mood Swings – When Do They Start?

You should see some signs of fluctuating hormones sometime around week 6 and 10 of your pregnancy. Mood swings are at their highest during the first trimester, and after letting you a have a stable second trimester, they come back during late pregnancy weeks. This can be attributed to the fact that the news of pregnancy would have sparked some apprehensions in you, and when the pregnancy is coming to a close, you might be worried about labor, birthing and parenting.

Mood Swings In Pregnancy- Coping Tips

Mood swings are common in pregnancy, and are enjoyed by many. If you are beginning to feel that they are a ‘way too much to handle’ you may try the below coping tips:

    1. Try pregnancy yoga or meditation to release all the negativity. Exercise always helps to overcome mood swings. Walking is one of the best exercises for expecting mothers

Prenatal Yoga

  1. Spend time with your partner, let him know about your fears and worries. Let him make you feel special. Spend quality time during calm moments as it will strengthen your bond with him. Let him know that you still love him and want him, and your relation with him will not change even after the arrival of the baby
  2. Go off to bed early and get plenty of sleep. Rest whenever you are tired and exhausted. Make sure you sleep without frequent disturbance. If you are a working woman, then take short breaks at frequent interval and do not take too much of work stress as it causes regular mood swings and tiredness
  3. Eat healthy and always take good care of your diet. Your baby needs proper nutritive food for growth, so avoid alcohol or smoke when in stress or bad mood
  4. Go out with your friends, or involve in activities that makes you forget your stress like watching movies, walk, soothing music or anything which gives you delight
  5. Pamper yourself as it is the best way to feel special and happy. Let not the thoughts of getting fat or being unattractive spoil your mood. Enjoy every moment of this journey with confidence and happiness
  6. Whenever you feel low, always share your thoughts with your family members or friends. Talk to them, let them help you in making you feel better. Sharing your worries and thoughts will help you release your stress
  7. Try not to think too much about the stuff that gives you tension or stress. Always engage your mind into something creative and productive
  8. Talk to experienced mothers about their fluctuating mood experience and how they faced it. It might help you too in coping up with your mood swings
  9. If you do not seem to get stress free in-spite of your best efforts, take the help of a counselor or take part in stress reduction classes

Natural Remedies For Mood Swings In Pregnancy

Yoga and exercise would do a lot to improve your mood during pregnancy, as these activities boost endorphins, that help you cope better and sleep better. If you’d like, you could use the following natural remedies to keep yourself emotionally balanced during pregnancy:
Coping with Mood Swings

  • Ginseng: Known as the traditional Chinese medicine to help a person become more alert and active, ginseng can be used by pregnant women as a extract or a supplement
  • Passionflower: Consuming passion flower tea will help soothe the irritability and anxiety in you, and will make your mood swings a little pause. Though effective, regular and prolonged consumption of any herbal tea should be done only after consulting a doctor
  • Kava: Kava tea can help you keep calm and curb your anxiety, relieving you off stress. This herb is known for its calming properties and may as well be used to help you quiet down unstable moods
  • Roseroot: This herbal remedy can be had as a supplement or an extract, and will work wonders to help you calm when you have extreme moodiness. It also helps you fight lethargy and keeps your mood elevated and even

Extreme Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Though mood swings in pregnancy are fairly common, however, if you feel you have very aggressive mood swings, or they last for more than 2 weeks, it would be wise to consult your doctor. Roughly about 10% of pregnant women get into mild or moderate depression in their pregnancies, for which seeking the help of a counselor may work well. Professional help may also be suggested if your mood swings are way too crazy or aggressive, and you are feeling frequently nervous or anxious. This might be a sign of Bipolar Disorder, and would need professional help.
Remember, your mood swings caused during pregnancy will not last forever, so do not worry as it is a common feeling experienced by all the expecting mothers. If you think your mood swings are severely intense than the normal mood swings, then consult your doctor. They will give you the right help and treatment. It is important to overcome your mood swings, because it can have a harmful effect on your sleep and diet routine. A healthy and strong emotional mindset is important for the healthy development of the baby and also the mother. Have a happy and a relaxed pregnancy.

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