7-Month Baby Food : What to Give & What Not to Give

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The parents’ whole world goes topsy turvy when the baby crosses 7months as s/he starts to sit, crawl, and explores more and more options. By this time, s/he has started to rock back and forth, scoot, and even tries to stand. Since the baby becomes active day by day, it becomes crucial to have a proper 7-month baby food diet.

7 month baby food

When it comes to a small baby who is just beginning their solid food journey, it is not just the recipes and quantity a parent is concerned about. They are trying to find more information about what to give and what not to give their baby. Many are searching for tips and information on how to feed such a small child as even a small mistake can become traumatic for the whole family.

We have covered all of these in the article below. Hope it helps you and your baby enjoy a smooth feeding journey.

7-Month Baby Food: How Much Solid Food Should Be Taken?

A portion of 7-month baby food should ideally be three solid meals daily. This quantity of the meal, however, depends on the baby. 7-month baby food could vary from two tablespoons to 8-12 tablespoons depending on the diet of the baby.

Since eggs form a great source of protein, it becomes important to make them a part of 7-month baby food. Research also says that infants who are given eggs daily, by six months, tend to grow faster as compared to others.

But eggs can even be a cause of allergens, so the question arises” Can 7-month-old babies eat eggs”? – the answer to this is very simple. 7 months baby should have a good protein intake which can be fulfilled by eggs, so offering 1-2 teaspoons of protein twice daily will not harm but do so only after a doctor’s consultation.

7-month baby food has a plethora of options from the Indian recipe section. Indian cuisine has a variation for one and all. It has varied colors, textures, and tastes that are enough to entice a baby. There are many foods that can be a part of 7month old baby food:

7 month baby food chart

  • Fruits:

Banana, apple, pear, avocado, muskmelon, plums, peaches, chiku, papaya, and prunes. All these have great vitamin and mineral content and should be given to a 7-month baby.

  • Vegetables:

Ash gourd, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot, tomato, bottle gourd, peas, & green beans. All these are nutrient-dense and a must.

  • Cereals & Grains:

Ragi, suji, rice, sago, quinoa, rajgira, poha, puffed rice, phool makhana, rava, barley, etc. have their own importance and do make it to the list of 7-month baby food.

  • Pulses:

Masoor dal, yellow moong dal, & pulses are good for all ages, so one should not forget to add them to the list.

  • Dairy:

Cheese, butter, and ghee. The baby should have a special place for these products as they offer excellent energy reserves for the growing child.

  • Non-Vegetarian:

Egg yolks only. A must in the list of 7-month baby food to be adopted by non-vegetarians.

Many babies are, however, choosy and do not eat all types of food. Some do not eat a full meal, so it can be supplemented by cereals, which are one of the best and wholesome meals for a 7-month-old.

 7-Month Baby Food: Healthy Ideas

It would be advisable to have a list of healthy items for 7-month-old baby food. The healthy food options can be many, but some of the best choices are:

1) Fruit Puree:

Fruits are ideal for the growth and development of a baby as they are enriched with many vitamins as well as fiber and minerals. It is an inevitable part of the food for a 7-month baby. Certain fruits like apple, avocado, watermelon, etc., can even serve as a snacky bite and should be a significant part of the baby food.

2) Porridge:

A great nutritional alternative for babies is a porridge made from a single grain or cereal. A porridge mix can be made from millets, oats, barley, and even wheat.

3) Meat Puree:

Protein-enriched foods like chicken can be pureed and given to babies.

4) Khichdi:

The recipe for khichdi comprises wheat, rice, and dal with a very little salt and turmeric, made with desi ghee, which serves as a nutritional and sumptuous meal. The simplest and easiest bet for 7-month baby food.

Food for 7 month baby

5) Vegetable Puree:

Vegetables are enriched with minerals and multivitamins, and making their puree after steaming them becomes easy for the child to digest. Some parents also prefer to make wedges from vegetables and give them as a snack.

6) Starchy Foods:

Cereal, bread products, potatoes, and rice are also good for a 7-month-old baby.

 7-Month Baby Food: What to Avoid?

Baby food takes care of the growth and the development of the little one. So, a growing baby should have all sorts of food, barring a few which are not advisable for them to eat.

Certain items included in a 7-month-old baby food chart can result in indigestion, allergies, thus triggering diseases, acidic nature, choking hazards, etc. Few foods that should not be a part of baby food for their own safety are:

  • Cow’s Milk
  • Citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges, pineapples, etc.
  • Seafood
  • Wheat
  • Honey
  • Egg Whites
  • Big chunks of food pieces
  • Fruits like berries, black, blue, or raspberry
  • Popcorns, raisins, dry fruits
  • Grapes, candies, raw vegetables
  • Any fruit that is hard to bite or chew

7-Month Baby Food: Diet Chart

For the adequate nutrition of a 7-month baby, a food chart is a must. This food should have all requisite nutritional needs and choices over all food types, whether protective, bodybuilding, or energy-giving foods. Having a food schedule makes it easy to plan, prepare the meals and offers variety as well.

7 month old baby food recipes

Day 1

  • Early Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Breakfast: Fruit puree/Carrot- spinach puree
  • Mid-Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Lunch: Moong dal soup, dal ka Paani or Ragi (finger millet)
  • Evening: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Dinner:  Mother’s milk /formula feed

Day 2

  • Early Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Breakfast: Upma, poha, porridge
  • Mid-Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Lunch: Khichdi or porridge
  • Evening: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Dinner:  Mother’s milk /formula feed

 Day 3

  • Early Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Breakfast: Poha, upma, porridge, boiled egg
  • Mid-Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Lunch: Rice +Sweet potato
  • Evening: Mother’s milk /formula feed Dinner
  • Dinner: Mother’s milk /formula feed

Day 4

  • Early Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Breakfast: Soji, upma
  • Mid-Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Lunch: Palak or vegetable khichdi
  • Evening: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Dinner: Mother’s milk /formula feed

Day 5

  • Early Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Breakfast: Boiled and mashed potato, puree
  • Mid-Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Lunch: Dal with ragi millets
  • Evening: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Dinner:  Mother’s milk /formula feed

Day 6

  • Early Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Breakfast: Apple stew/ mashed papaya
  • Mid-Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed/ soup
  • Lunch: Tur daal puree with ragi (finger millet)
  • Evening: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Dinner: Mother’s milk /formula feed

Day 7

  • Early Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Breakfast: Poha, upma with Sweet potato
  • Mid-Morning: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Lunch: Khichdi, daal ka paani
  • Evening: Mother’s milk /formula feed
  • Dinner: Mother’s milk /formula feed

As a parent, you can make eating more fun or stressful for both you and the child. Follow a well-balanced diet, as it will automatically be colorful, with a good variety, and expose the child to new foods at regular intervals. Try force-feeding your child and s/he might develop an aversion to eating and can become not only a fussy eater but can be very exhausting for you too!

The charts and recipes given above are just to help you start your feeding journey. You can mix and match as per your child’s preference and your convenience.

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