Ways to Check Fertility
Is the bed ready? Well, this statement is both metaphorical and literal, and interconnected as well. You do feel like whether the bed is ready for lovemaking when you are feeling fertile inside. In the inside also, your uterine bed should be ready to nourish the responsibility of a growing baby.
Metaphorically, think like gardening. To get a plant to grow on mother earth, you need to place a seed in the soil and care for it. The tiny microscopic chosen sperm cell is the seed and your body is the garden bed. Is your garden ready for the tree of heaven? Are you afraid of a serpent in the tree, offering the fruit of knowledge? Allegories do have symbolic meanings! Read below to detect the signs of fertility.

  1. Your health is at its best: You do not have any health problems. You are feeling amazingly fresh from the inside and it is showing on the outside. Do note that your diet also plays a vital role in deciding your fertility. If you are trashing too many toxins (food preservatives, additives) and calories from alcohol for feeling good, you may not actually feel really good! It is a paradox totally. However, women on a largely greens-based/juice-based diet report a goodness of fresh mind and body. Just remember to keep space for the occasional pizza
  2. Periods are predictable: If you have a predictable period cycle, it is a sure sign of your body clock turning round rightly. Of course, the type of period also matters. If it seems overtly unhealthy to you, maybe you are just stressing yourself too much! Periods are like that only and it depends on several factors such as stress, food habit, prescription pills, addictions, climate, emotional status, etc.
  3. You simply cannot adore yourself enough: Now, if you are spending extra time in front of the mirror (even without heavy makeup), it can be a result of being fertile from inside. During ovulation your skin enjoys a natural healthy glow, your pupils become slightly dilated, your breasts become fuller, and you feel a very deep sense of satisfaction in being who you are. Precisely, feeling sexy or horny is a deep-placed emotion stemming from positive signals given by your body.
  4. You have chosen a healthy lifestyle:Well, if you have let that glass of wine and that puff a go past you for sometime now, it just shows that you are readying yourself for pregnancy. Have you been trading that mug of coffee with dfresh fruit juice? There you go baby!
  5. Check your fertility
  6. You are taking the first initiative: Shyness is a natural virtue of women. It is nothing to be ashamed of because you are shy only when you are very glamorous! It just takes recognizing this strange irony and accepting the glamour to express it full-on! So, when you are being horny with a trusted, caring partner, there is nothing wrong anyway! You are just being fertile, being a woman that is. On a lesser scale, your affinity to call a special friend, or the thing called ‘crush’ is also an indicator of being ready to receive the baby
  7. You simply want to cuddle babies: When you have this irresistible urge to cuddle babies, it actually reflects that deep inside you want to have a baby. Your mind will only want this when your body allows it. So, you have the nod from the ovary and others in you that they are ready to handle baby making inside you. You can check it out yourself. When you are in a mood to cuddle, it is also a phase of having healthy periods and feeling sensuous
  8. Feeling romantic: Nowadays do you find that you want to watch old Bollywood romantic movies all over? If all you want is a tub of popcorn and a bundle of tissue napkins to wipe tears while watching romantic films, the basic reason can actually be your feeling fertile. Obviously, you may also want to read erotic novels all night long or take a cozy steamed bath. You may want to wear a flowery wreath and click your photo! It can be anything but the bottom line is that you are longing to find a loving man to fulfill you
  9. The physical approach: There are several physical ways to identify the most fertile phase of your period cycle. Apart from checking the periods, you can also note the temperature of the body. It slightly rises just after ovulation. The ovulation phase is the most fertile time, so you need to conceive before the temperature rises for taking the maximum chance. You can buy medical kits like the saliva kit or visit your gynecologist for the diagnostic tests in determining your fertility