12 Tips To Be Comfortable At Work During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can bring about a major change in your life. Associated with pains and aches, in places which you did not even know existed, could set your work-life balance off the ground. Being uncomfortable becomes synonymous with pregnancy, and while a lot of it is unavoidable, there are still a few things that could make your workplace experience a tad less uncomfortable. If you have chosen to work till the last of your pregnancy, you should be aware that you will need to take some steps to make it less uncomfortable for you. The below tips should help.
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12 Tips To Be Comfortable At Work

  1. Get comfortable clothes: As your pregnancy progresses, you will find yourself running short of your favorite dresses. Once you do cross the stage of wearing your clothes, it makes good sense to invest in maternity wear, including maternity lingerie. Choose layers in breathable fabrics and accentuate your looks with some accessories. Not only will these changes in dressing make you feel comfortable, but also boost your confidence in the way you look
  2. Buy a table fan: Pregnancy raises the body temperature, so do not be surprised if you tend to feel hotter than your colleague at the next workstation. Invest in a small table fan and place it on your desk. Buy the one with rechargeable batteries or that runs on electricity
  3. Beat the drowsiness: It is normal for some women to feel sleepy during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester when the body is doing a lot of hard work in preparation for the new life. So how do you beat the drowsiness at work? Have a chat with a colleague, some healthy drinks, take a small walk down the corridor or simply allow yourself a break. Remember not to indulge in caffeine as caffeine consumption should be limited to 200 mg per day during pregnancyworking tired pregnant lady
  4. Take a day off: Sometimes, you will feel that you literally do not want to do anything. This is again a pregnancy side-effect and you really cannot do much against your body’s will. If a day like this pushes you to the wall, accept it and take some rest. A day off now and then should be alright!
  5. Ditch the heels: Pregnancy is a time of swollen feet and back ache. You can also tend to lose your balance in the later trimesters. It is best to avoid fancy heels, lest a accident takes place. Opt for comfortable, soft and breathable flat footwear
  6. Eat right and eat healthy: Divide your meals in 5-6 small meals. Take a healthy mix of lean carbohydrates, proteins and calcium for lunch. Munch on healthy snacks that do not put a lot of pressure on your digestive system making you uncomfortable and drowsy. Eating small meals throughout the day can help with indigestion, heartburn and sickness that are regular in pregnancy
  7. Stay hydrated: Water is rightly said to be the elixir of life, and it is all the more important to stay hydrated. Instead of flavored drinks, opt for plain water or lemonades to keep yourself well hydrated. Dehydration can bring about serious issues during the final trimester, so keeping it at a bay is a must
  8. Keep your energy levels high: Munch on healthy, energy boosting snacks to beat the energy blues, which are quite common during pregnancy. Because your body is working overtime, you need to support it by eating healthy snacks that are full of vitamins and proteins to be broken down easily and converted into energy. Choose nutrient dense snacks over sugary, tempting donuts and colas and chipspregnant-woman-snacking
  9. Take frequent breaks: One way to get up every hour or so is by drinking a lot of water. Frequent breaks allow you to move your legs and prevent blood from clotting down and causing swelling in the feet and legs. They also help you get some fresh air and feel refreshed
  10. Keep your supplies handy: Keep your workstation stacked with your essential supplies, such as itchy lotion, a pair of sneakers, lots of healthy snacks, mouthwash, an antacid, tissues, wet wipes, a cold cream etc. – just about anything that makes you feel better and comfortable. A mouth freshener for that metallic taste, a lotion for that dry skin, and a layer of a jacket or a shawl to help you when you feel cold are just a few examples
  11. Get a stool: To make your legs and feet more comfortable, place a small stool under your desk. Rest your feet off the shoes on this stool and notice the difference!
  12. Stay away from stress: Stress is mostly a part of work-life as many us deal with it day in and day out. However, stress is always harmful, more so when you are expecting. Try to stay away from it or try alternate therapies like meditation and yoga to beat it

In the end, make sure you talk about your maternity leave and other benefits well in advance with your employer so that last minute confusions and frustrations can be rules out. We wish you a happy pregnancy!

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