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One of the biggest problems mommies face once they have delivered their baby is that they still look pregnant! So, the rescuer is an after-delivery belt or maternity belt after delivery! And then everyone – your mom, friends who have “been there” and your doctor – talk about tying your stomach which can reduce belly fat.

Though science does not support the claims, nonetheless, tying a cloth around the stomach is widely popular, and the practice is encouraged by many cultures. However, before you jump on the bandwagon, please read this article to understand the truth and myths behind tummy tying and belly belts for women after delivery for losing the belly pouch.

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What is Meant by ‘Tying the Stomach After Delivery’?

New mothers are asked to “tie” their stomachs using a cloth, a corset, a tummy binder, or a maternity belt after delivery. It is also known as an abdominal belt. When you are pregnant, your body, especially the tummy region, opens up so much as the uterus and abdominal walls stretch to accommodate the growing baby.

Fat also accumulates in this area. Once the baby is delivered, these muscles do not contract immediately, nor does the fat disappear. Giving the mother a ‘still seven months pregnant’ look and loose, flabby abdominal walls.

When Can I Start Tying the Stomach After Delivery?

Please consult with your doctor as they would know your health and delivery scenario the best. Broadly, if you have had a normal delivery, you can start tying your stomach even after a few hours of birth. If you have had a C-section, you need to wait a couple of weeks or more depending on your wound’s healing to start tying the belt after the C section.

C-section mothers should take it slow as any pressure on the abdomen can interfere with the healing of the deeper layers of the stomach. Some doctors advise new mothers to wait for at least a day before they take the route to belly wrapping.

What is a Maternity Belt?

A maternity belt or even a long piece of clothes like a saree is used to tie the belly tightly to give support to the abdominal organs and muscles. A post-pregnancy belt or a stomach wrap comes in various types and price ranges. Many brands like Farlin, Mee Mee, Pigeon, etc. are available in the market.

Types of Post Pregnancy Belt

There are different types of belts or splints, wraps, and corsets:

1. Belts or Splints: It allows you to adjust the pressure on the abdominal region .
2. Wraps: It is made up of cloth and is used soon after delivery. It is considered to be the most popular and best maternity belt after delivery.
3. Corsets: They are typically worn under dresses. It exerts a lot of pressure on the pelvic area. And hence, not recommended for long term use.

How Does a Maternity Belt After Delivery Help in Reducing the Belly?

Interestingly, although cloth tying and maternity belts after delivery are hugely popular in India and abroad, there is very little scientific evidence on how or if it helps in reducing tummy.

It is believed that tying the tummy after the delivery results in:

  • Reduction of fat around the tummy
  • Aids to better posture
  • Toned tummy muscles
  • Supporting the internal organs, including the womb
  • Reduced back pains
  • Comfort (due to better posture)
  • Instant and natural tummy tuck
  • Quick healing

What are the Risk Factors Involved in Using a Maternity Belt?

woman wearing maternity belt

When you tie your stomach tightly using a belt or a cloth, it looks like your tummy bulge has reduced, just like any shaping inners would do. This could be the reason why this method has become hugely popular.

However, many experts advise against the use of maternity belt after delivery as they think it results in:

  • Exerting too much pressure on the uterus causes bleeding.
  • Itching and rashes in the area, especially where the edges of the belt sink into the skin.
  • Discomfort and pain, as many women end up using it most of the time during the day to reduce more fat.
  • Complications after C-section as the internal wounds take six to eight weeks to heal completely.
  • Inconvenience during hot and humid climates.
  • May result in Hernia due to the excessive pressure on the tummy.

Are These Maternity Belts After Delivery Comfortable?

Not exactly, wearing them can be painful at times. Mothers who have used it agree with the results, but have also expressed difficulty, that they had to ‘train’ themselves to wear it every day and through the night. Moreover, the tummy skin can get irritated due to the itching caused by the constant brushing of skin against the belt surface. It can also create undue pressure on the incision area.

Things to Consider About Maternity Belts

There are many things to consider when using a maternity belt after delivery. These are some factors to keep in mind while you make this decision:

1. Meet Your Doctor

As each woman’s body is different, it is important to take your doctor’s advice about it. The belly wrap progress is not instant and you must be wearing it for nearly 5-6 weeks before you see a difference. However, use it in moderation, and not throughout the day. If you have decided to wear a maternity belt after delivery, patience will most likely be your best result.

2. Look for Adjustable One

tummy tucker

When you are going to buy the right belly wrap, go for one which allows you to adjust the tightness. In this manner, your postpartum belt will be adjusted as tight as you want, without causing any issues to you.

How Else Can I Reduce My Belly After Delivery?

A healthy diet and regular exercise go a long way in reducing your postpartum belly than just using a maternity belt after delivery. After your doctor gives a thumbs up the sign, you can even join a gym after delivery and start working out, albeit moderately to begin with it. Regular walks, yoga, and other exercises, coupled with a healthy diet, will produce the results you want. For tips on reducing your belly, click here.


1. How Long Should I Wear My Maternity Belt After Delivery?

It is recommended to wear the maternity belt for 30-60 days post-delivery, to avoid any hanging belly thereafter. However, refrain from tying it too tight for the initial few days.

2. How to Use the Abdominal Belt After Delivery?

Wrap the abdominal belt around the abdomen, and under the clothes. Keep the closures in the front. Maintain the sanitation of your belt.

3. How Long Should I Wear a Belt After Delivery?

It is recommended to wear the maternity belt for 30-60 days post-delivery, to avoid any hanging belly thereafter.

4. How to Use the Belly Belt After Delivery?

Wrap the belly belt (not too tight) around your abdomen for either the entire day except shower time or as and when you feel comfortable. Use it for 2-3 months for effective results.

5. Does Wearing a Belt After Delivery Help?

Wearing a belt after delivery leads to weight loss is not scientifically proven. But yes, it does support the process of taking care of the hanging belly and also assists in the movement around the surrounding area comfortably.

6. Can Maternity Belts Help Lose Pregnancy Belly?

Yes, they can. They are tied tight around the stomach area. This helps uterus shrink back after delivery.

7. Can I Get Back my Flat Stomach by Using Maternity Belt?

Not completely. Maternity belts can only help shrink uterus. You need to combine this with exercises.

8. Can I Wear a Maternity Belt at all Times?

It may not be comfortable. It is not safe to wear it while eating. It will hinder digestion of food.

9. How Long Will it Take to Lose Belly Pouch if I Wear Maternity Belt?

It depends on you. Different women take different time. Wearing the belt and doing regular exercises might accelerate the process.

Moderately using maternity belts after delivery helps in reducing belly fat, but it can not be used as an alternative for a healthy diet and exercise. It is best advised to seek the guidance of your doctor, who would help you with the best ways to use the belt, and also educate you about the precautions to be followed.

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