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Pregnant With Twins ?

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Pregnant With TwinsTwin pregnancy is a double blessing but it always comes with extra delight and double complications.

You need to take extra care of yourself and your babies if you are expecting twins. You will have to go for more frequent checkups, more number of tests in order to know the development of your babies, monitor your health and other complications which may arise. As you will be carrying an extra passenger in the same compartment you may need to take extra care of your diet and nutrients. You will need extra supplement of folic acid, vitamins, calcium, protein and other vital nutrients. Your doctor may also recommend you iron supplement in your 2nd trimester. it is always good to maintain a healthy diet and drink a lot of liquids and water.

As you will be enjoying your pregnancy and wondering about the babies, it is also important to know about the complications and the problems you might face.

A woman with multiple pregnancies are more prone to :

1) Hypertension: expected mothers should keep a check of their blood pressure always as it may lead to preeclampsia.

2) Breathlessness: as you are carrying more than one baby, the uterus will stretch more and will take extra space pressing your diaphragm which causes severe breathlessness. This can worsen in your last trimester. Keeping calm, sitting straight can help in this problem.

3) Fatigue: In multiple pregnancies fatigue is more pronounced. At this time, listen to your body and take rest. Even if you are not sleepy, keep your feet up and allow your body to rest. An orange juice or fresh lime water can also help to kill fatigue.

4) Morning sickness: though morning sickness

is itself a war to fight, a multiple pregnancy can worsen it.

5) Headaches: Frequent headaches during pregnancy are because of the elevated secretion of hormones. A cold compress behind your neck can reduce the headache.

6) Premature birth: This is the biggest complication in twin or multiple pregnancies. The chances of carrying a pregnancy with twins are pretty less, if not impossible. In such a case, steroids to speed up the babies’ lung development are given to the mother, so as to avoid complications, included but not limited to low birth weight, breathing and digestive difficulties, and underdeveloped organs. . However, even after all caution, some babies put up a lot of fight to survive.

7) Backaches and pain in legs: Don’t get surprised if you gain 15 kgs. A healthy weight gain is a must for a healthy child but carrying two extra weights leads to more pressure on the lower back and the feet. Taking a warm shower or soaking your feet in warm water may relax you for some time. A light massage may also help to lower down the pain.

8) Gestational diabetes: This kind of diabetes is developed during pregnancy and more often in multiple pregnancies. Your doctor will recommend you to go for sugar test which is very important. You should always keep an eye on your food habits. Even when you are more inclined towards junk food and sweets, you should cut them down as they could lead to more serious problems.

The best way to break free from all these tensions is to keep your health care provider informed and follow whatever he tells. Maintain a healthy diet, be active, and pamper yourself. Be positive and enjoy this wonderful feeling of motherhood and enjoy this wonderful time.

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