Top 10 Easy Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

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home remedies for morning sickness
Nausea, dizziness and uneasiness are perhaps the initial signs of pregnancy. The nausea particularly gets noticed for its persistence through the first trimester. Most expecting women experience fatigue and constant urge to vomit during early hours of the day. This is thought to gradually improve as the day progresses, but it is quite unpredictable.

The pregnancy hormones, estrogen and human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) are high in the initial stages of pregnancy, and till the placenta takes over the job of providing nutrition to the fetus, these hormones can cause quite some discomfort. Morning sickness can really interfere with the daily functioning and cause loss of appetite, weight loss and anemia. If you aren’t heading to the bathroom every now and then, we’d say you are one of the lucky few! Read below to know some easy home remedies on how to counter the morning sickness in a natural way.

Top 10 Natural Home Remedies For Morning Sickness


Before you rush to your doctor complaining about morning sickness, it’s worth to give a try to below natural solutions for your problem. These simple home remedies that can effectively relieve you from morning sickness leaving you feeling well:

1. Ginger

This easily available herb has astounding properties to curb morning sickness. Now enjoy your morning cuppa with a dash of ginger! Those on calorie-conscious side may want to add this root in preparing their herbal teas. You can even suck on caramelized ginger and ginger flavored drinks. Since ginger can be hot for your body, do not over-indulge in it, and if you are already too hot, it would be best to avoid it.

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2. Peppermint

As ginger suits people who are cold, peppermint is for people who are hot! Simply chewing on peppermint leaves can keep nausea down. If you think the taste is a bit too spicy for you, then simply add a few leaves to boiling water, team it up with cardamom or any other ingredient and enjoy your fresh herbal tea! However, the strong smell may not be liked by everyone, so try peppermint with care.

3. Lemon

Who doesn’t likes the fragrance of fresh lemons? The citrus aroma instantly wakes up the senses and has a rejuvenating effect. Remember your parents offering you chilled Limca when you complained of nausea while travelling? Feel free to purchase lemon or citrus flavored candies. Try crystallized lemon wedges or simply add lemon to your tea!

4. Aromatic Candles and Diffusers

Now you can easily ward off the annoying smells by simply lighting up a candle! WoW! Get your favorite flavor in a box full of candle which slowly and effectively fill the entire space with the desired aroma. You can now even purchase stylish diffusers radiating the fragrance of your favorite perfume! These even cut back on the work of lighting the candles and watching for fire. However, strong smells can sometimes can make the symptoms worse, so you might need to experiment and rotate.

5. Lollies

Who said lolly-pops and candies are just for the kids? The strong flavor and tangy taste can instantly make you feel better. If the sweet content worries you, then simply make herbal concoctions, pour them into the ice tray and suck on them as and when required. You can even insert a toothpick when the ice begins to form and when it solidifies, you have your own ice candy! Cool and refreshing! Do mind the sugary content in them though.

6. Vitamin B6

Have foods rich in Vitamin B6 such as chicken, avocados, brown rice, nuts, lentils, fish and liver. Vitamin B6 has been known to effectively stop nausea. You can also take Vitamin B6 supplements which help curbing nausea but not vomiting. However, do consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

7. Avoid Hot and Spicy Food

Hot and spicy food have very strong flavor and aroma. Sometimes this can trigger nausea. Try eating food when it has cooled down a bit. Also spicy food tends to leave behind taste in mouth. These can anyway contribute to bloating further making you feel nauseated.

8. Keep Munching

Staying hungry for long period of time gives you the feeling of acid-reflux and dizziness. Sometimes it may cause lowered level of sugar making you feel nauseous and tired. So eat something as soon as you get up in the morning. Keep snacking throughout the day rather than relying on three meals a day scheme.

9. Fennel Seeds

The aromatic fennel seeds, another spice from the kitchen can come to your aid to combat morning sickness. All you need is to chew on fennel seeds. Fennel seeds also help in digestion and therefore chewing a spoonful after meals can be great! You can also add this to boiled water and enjoy the brew!

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10. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves or “Curry patta” are commonly used in Indian dishes to enhance flavor. Ayurveda prescribes consuming juice of curry leaves to fight nausea. Add a dash of lemon and honey to the juice of curry leaves and drink it two-three times a day!

Sometimes sniffing your favorite perfume or soap can keep morning sickness at bay too. Try spraying some essential oil such as of peppermint or lavender on to a handkerchief and carry it in your purse, just in case of emergency!

I Am Unable to Eat Anything Due to Morning Sickness

If you are not able to have regular and balanced diet, do not worry as you and your baby can catch up with essential nutrients in the later part of pregnancy. Try to identify foods that make your symptoms worse (generally, rich, deep-fried and fatty foods) and steer clear of them. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water – cold, with lemon, with honey or with whatever you are able to. You can even add some coconut water which would be a great hydrating agent.

Morning sickness is a part of pregnancy, now since you know how to combat it, brace yourself and enjoy your days!

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