Working Through Your Pregnancy

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Working Through Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most exciting phase of life, yet a delicate one. You need to follow many do’s and don’ts to keep yourself healthy and your baby safe. In addition, if you are planning to continue working through your pregnancy, you need to consider many aspects to keep a proper balance between your health and working. Working full-time along with taking care of yourself while pregnant requires a lot of patience and management power. A situation may appear where you need to be at your desk while you have an appointment with your doctor. Or you have to handle a client, but your mood is not good at all.

Such a balance may be difficult to strike and to top it all, a pregnant woman will have to deal with hormonal imbalances too. This article will walk you through all the nitty-gritty of managing your work like what are the areas where you need to take care when you announce your pregnancy, how to be professional during this time, what you should avoid, and more.

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When and Why You Shouldn’t Work in Pregnancy?

As you approach near to your due date, the uncomfortable situation of your body increases. In this situation, you cannot plan anything ahead. Sometimes, your doctor may also suggest you reduce your working hours or stop working completely.

Here are some of the situations where you should not work during pregnancy.

  • You have signs of preterm labor which include abdominal cramping, pain or pressure, watery discharge, a rupture in the membrane.
  • You have high blood pressure.
  • In case you have a sign of placenta previa (the placenta is situated in an unusually low position)
  • There is a sign of improper growth of your baby or Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR).
  • Your doctor classified your pregnancy as high-risk.

During your regular checkup, your health advisor may ask you for bed rest or put some restrictions. In such cases, you may need to take a sabbatical from work or stop working completely for the safety of you and your baby.

How Can You Stay Comfortable at Work When Pregnant?

Staying Comfortable at Work When Pregnant

When you are pregnant, the regular day-to-day activities become uncomfortable. Additionally, when you are at work, it is vital to stay comfortable while continuing your work.

Here are a few tips to stay comfortable during pregnancy.

1. Take Short Frequent Breaks

It is ergonomically not advisable to be in the same posture for a longer time. And at work, when we are working on full concentration, we often forget to change our posture. During pregnancy, this may cause stiffness in the muscles, generate pain in the neck and shoulders. Frequent short breaks are a good idea to combat fatigue.

2. Have a Comfortable Sitting Position

If you have a desk job, use a comfortable chair that has an adjustable feature and great back support. To be more comfortable, use a cushion or small pillow to rest on the back. During pregnancy, it is not wise to hang your legs. Therefore, use a leg rest or elevate your legs to avoid swelling. Most importantly, practice the correct working positions if you have a desk job.

3. Be Careful When Standing

If your work needs you to be on your feet a lot, you need to be more cautious. Take breaks and rest frequently. Better to use support or a stool or box to support one leg on it. And try to switch legs frequently. Along with this, wear comfortable shoes that have good cushioning. A small walk after a certain time is a great way to relax your legs and waist.

4. Follow Ergonomic Bending and Lifting

Using a proper method of bending and lifting position can help you to avoid any back pain or injury. Try to bend your knees and use your thigh to lift anything. This is the scientific posture that can spare your back.

5. Dress Comfortably

While you are pregnant, try to wear a comfortable dress. Nowadays, there are a variety of maternity clothing available to help you to stay comfortable during long working hours. To avoid any swelling and varicose veins, use pregnancy compression socks.

6. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the major risks during pregnancy and you should not take it lightly. Use a large water bottle and drink plenty of water. If required, set an alarm. You can also have a quick walk to refill the bottle.

7. Eat Small and Frequent Meals

When you become pregnant, you can feel that your hunger levels have increased. During your office time, do not avoid food due to work pressure. Frequent eating helps you to manage your blood sugar level and prevent morning sickness. Choose a nutritious diet and eat snacks with high fiber frequently.

8. Don’t Take Stress

It is quite possible that your work can sometimes stress you out. Try to avoid worrying about such pressures and stay away from unnecessary arguments at work.

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When to Announce Pregnancy at the Office?

Announcing Pregnancy at Office
Are you worried about when to announce your pregnancy at your and how? The answer is it depends on your situation. It is a subjective matter and depends on your experience and circumstances at work. Most women wait until the second trimester to announce their pregnancy because of the risk of miscarriage during the first trimester. But it is a good idea to share the news before your pregnancy belly becomes obvious.

Keep the pointers below in mind before you decide to share the news in your office.

  • If your job is related to hazardous conditions, chemicals, or works that involve heavy lifting, you can share the news sooner.
  • You also want to inform your manager that you are expecting if you have uneasy feelings, sickness, or pregnancy complications.
  • Another consideration is that your performance review or promotion is due shortly and this news can impact it, you can share it afterwards.
  • Whenever you decide to announce the good news, first tell your manager and they should get the news directly from you.
  • Inform them in a formal way but try to use a positive tone in the conversation.
  • Eventually, you can ask for the maternity policy of your company.
  • Your manager also has to plan the resources according to your situation and therefore, keeping them informed well ahead shows your professionalism.

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How to Remain Professional at Work?

How to Remain Professional at Work
It is tough to handle office work and pregnancy together. But the following tips can help you not only be professional at work but also manage pregnancy-related issues.

  • Make your mind well in advance about the changes which are likely to happen during pregnancy. Over time, your discomfort and uneasiness will increase. You need to adopt those changes and adjust your work schedule.
  • Traveling during pregnancy is a complicated thing. If you have a travel plan that conflict with your doctor’s schedule, inform your manager and your team well in advance. Try to schedule your travel plans during your second trimester as in this time, uneasiness and risks are considerably lower. But before making any final decision, consult your gynecologist or your family doctor.
  • If you need to take breaks from your work, plan them well ahead if possible. Let your manager know about your plans and you might have to offload some of your tasks to another person. In addition, try to plan your medical checkups on weekends which can give keep your mind away from your office work.
  • Always try to be professional with your colleagues and avoid hard talks. It is better not to voice your frustration in your workplace or talk much about your pregnancy. Do your work sincerely so that people consider you as a dedicated associate.
  • Wearing comfortable yet smart office attire is a brilliant choice. Keeping in mind that as you move towards your due date, you need to change your office clothing. During your second and third trimester, your body will change, and it better is better to wear loose clothing as per your choice.

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Advantages of Working Through Your Pregnancy

It is a good sign if you can continue your work while you are pregnant. Working will provide you with some monetary benefits and employee benefits such as maternity leave and benefits. Staying surrounded by colleagues helps you to keep the pregnancy-related stress away which is really beneficial. If you can save your maternity leaves by working during your pregnancy period, you can utilize them post-delivery. Your supportive colleagues can boost your confidence and you will be happy.

Disadvantages of Working Through Your Pregnancy

Disadvantages of Working Through Your Pregnancy
Along with the advantages, the working schedule can bring some serious complications and risks during your pregnancy.

Sometimes the long work can increase stress which is not good for a pregnant woman. This can lead to bad health as well as pregnancy complications. Many times, when you are indulged in your work, you forget to take necessary breaks and medicines which is risky for you and your unborn baby.

Long working hours can increase your discomfort, neck, shoulder, and back pains. Many women want to cherish this beautiful period and prepare themselves for the future. A working schedule restricts you from enjoying such moments. Often the job profile requires travelling and due to the workload, you need to take such a decision. But eventually, it may lead to serious complications. You should consider all these factors and make your plan accordingly.

15 Important Precautions While Working During Pregnancy

10 Important Precautions While Working During Pregnancy

Thinking about your career and working accordingly is important. But while you are pregnant, you must take care of yourself and eventually your unborn baby. Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, you might face a lot of physical and emotional variations.

Here are some precautions that will help you stay safe when working while pregnant.

  1. Take the necessary breaks at work and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Practice the correct ergonomic postures according to your work.
  3. Sit comfortably, walk whenever you feel tired, get up and move and stretch your hands, legs, neck, and fingers.
  4. Arrange your chairs and workbenches to avoid any pain or aches.
  5. Keep an open mind to take support from your friends and colleagues
  6. Keep yourself hydrated. Carry a water bottle and refill it frequently. If you forget, set an alarm to remind you.
  7. Carry sufficient foods and healthy snacks with you to fight fatigue and boost your energy.
  8. Make a schedule of eating frequently with a small quantity to avoid any complications.
  9. Avoid any outside food, excess tea or coffee, or fried items.
  10. Heels, though you love them, must not be your footwear of choice anymore. Flat shoes with good cushioning and grip will be your best friends.
  11. Be extra cautious whenever using the washroom or toilets. There is a chance to slip over if the floor is wet.
  12. Wearing comfortable clothes that suit your workplace is a great idea. If required, carry an extra set of clothes to manage any adverse situation
  13. Manage your travel plan according to your health and if required communicate with your manager.
  14. Try to avoid frequent travel and carry your food with you while travelling.
  15. Always carry a hand sanitiser and soap towels with you.

What to Avoid While Working When Pregnant?

There are many things that you must avoid while you are working during your pregnancy.

  • Restrict yourself from lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy things.
  • Try to avoid staircases as much as possible. But if there is no other option, grab that handrail whenever you are using staircases.
  • Do not stay in a standing or sitting position for a long time. Try to change positions and use scientific working postures
  • Avoid any hard discussion that can increase your tension. Discuss things professionally
  • Restrict yourself from having excess tea or coffee
    Late-night working or office parties are not healthy for you and your unborn baby. Try to avoid as much as possible.
  • Refrain from wearing tight and uncomfortable attires. Better to be comfortable while using the office decorum
  • Be careful while using the washroom or lavatories. Avoid wet and slippery floors.
  • Stay away from hazardous chemicals or machinery that can expose you and your unborn baby to risks.

Whether you should work during your pregnancy or take a break, that decision should be taken wisely after considering all the factors. There are many advantages to continuing your work and some demerits as well. If you are planning to continue working while you are pregnant, you must take care of certain things and balance your work and health. Following the above-mentioned ideas and tips, you can not only take care of your and your baby’s health but also manage your work efficiently.


1. When Should I Announce My Pregnancy at Work?

It depends on multiple parameters and your working situation. But it’s better to reveal it before it is obvious. And you should inform your boss first directly.

2. How Should I Manage Professionalism During Pregnancy?

You need to take care of the work and try to manage it efficiently. Please check the section “How to Remain Professional at Work?” section for more details.

3. Is it OK to Wear Heels at Work During Pregnancy?

Heels are not advisable during pregnancy as they can increase pain in your legs. There is a chance of slipping and may cause serious injury which you don’t want.

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