Working Through Your Pregnancy

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Work and pregnancyIf you are healthy and your pregnancy is not a complicated one, you could continue to work up until the last few days before you deliver. Some women like to opt for a maternity leave a week or two before the due date so as to prepare themselves for labor and other things. Some even have to quit their work during the earlier days of pregnancy owing to complications. Whatever stage of pregnancy you are, you need to take proper care of yourself. Below tips would be helpful if you are working during your pregnancy –

Assess Your Workplace and Nature of Work – Being pregnant would mean you would not be able to perform strenuous jobs and the exposure to anything toxic needs to be negated – hence the first thing to do is to assess your workplace and the nature of work. Ask your HR to shift you to a different role or profile, atleast till you are pregnant and nursing.

Inform Your Boss and Co-workersBreaking the news to your manager and colleagues should be done well in time. This would save you and others plenty of time to distribute work and knowledge during your absence.

Easing Nausea – Most women suffer from morning sickness and nausea – and you need to face it. While at work, you could stock up on some bland foods and ginger tea. Anything that makes you feel better. Also, steer clear of smells and sights that trigger vomiting.

Handling Fatigue – Pregnancy would make you fatigued quite often, but you wouldn’t like to be seen napping in the office for sure! Understandably, resting through the day would not be possible; however, eating foods rich in iron and proteins, taking short, frequent breaks, and drinking plenty of fluids may ease fatigue a bit. Though exercising would be the last thing on your mind after a long day at work, a walk or some stretching could work wonders in easing out the physical stress in your body.

Managing Stress- Practically unavoidable, stress is just bound to happen. With hormones already at play, you need to put in conscious efforts to keep stress at a bay. Try and prioritise your work, share your frustrations, and practice relaxation therapies- do whatever, and constantly remind yourself that your baby is taking in all the stress that you are putting yourself through.

Be Comfortable – From clothes to using chairs – make sure you are comfortable in every way. Also, watch your sitting posture during pregnancy. Loose fitting cotton clothes and comfortable shoes really help, and so does putting a footrest beneath your chair. Shopping for maternity wear also works as a stress buster.

Frequent Breaks and Nutritious Food – Make this a rule – every time you take a break, you have something nutritious go into your body – nuts, fruits, juice – anything you like. Snacking often prevents drop in blood sugar and also helps easing morning sickness. Include a lot of fibre to avoid constipation. Avoid caffeine and colas, though.

Accept Help – Some co-workers may offer help, and there is no harm in accepting someone to support you during pregnancy. A small job or a comfortable lift till home does no harm.

Say No To Overtime and Repetitive Work –You need at least 7-9 hours of sleep during pregnancy- and you cannot compromise on that since your body is actually working overtime. Be firm and refuse to work overtime, or do strenuous work, and even avoid repeatedly doing the same task. Pregnant women have greater chances of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – because fluid retention can increase pressure inside the carpal tunnel and irritate the median nerve.

If managed correctly, working through pregnancy could prove to be beneficial as you end up doing something else than just thinking about the baby. However, if you feel something is not right – do speak to your health care provider.

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