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10 Lessons Pregnancy Might Teach You

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Parenthood is a lifelong learning journey — all parents will tell you that. But, really, the whole pregnancy journey is just as rich in learning opportunities too. Lessons from pregnancy? Are you kidding me? I’m sure many of you reading this article are actually curious if pregnancy can be a learning experience. Why not? Just as everything else in life, pregnancy is also an experience and has many lessons to offer. How? Keep reading.
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10 Lessons Pregnancy Might Teach You

Pregnancy with its ups and downs has a lot to teach you. Here are 10 important lessons that pregnancy might teach you:

    1. Pregnancy makes you feel like a heroic goddess: One of the first and perhaps the basic lesson that pregnancy teaches you is you are much more than what you assume. You can create and sustain a tiny baby within you for a whole 9 months. Is there anything more incredible than this?
    2. Pregnancy teaches you that each person and their experiences are unique: Every new mother is nervous and anxious the first time around. And therefore, it is quite obvious that she relies more on books and apps to tell her what to expect. This is obviously apart from the huge chunk of information bombarded constantly by friends and family. However, at some time she realizes that each mother experiences pregnancy in her own unique way and comparison only confuses. This is a very valuable lesson that comes handy when you actually have children whom you tend to compare with their peers
    3. You learn to take care of yourself first: You think about yourself and your needs and tune yourself to listen to your body. Because at every moment you realize that putting yourself first at this time is equivalent to taking care of your baby. You learn to slow down, pause, take a deep breath and relax—something no woman ever does otherwise
    4. You learn to take help from others: Pregnancy makes you realize that it is perfectly normal to take help from your family or close friends. Most women otherwise hesitate and are constantly obsessed with getting their work done themselves. But as pregnancy advances, you realize that it doesn’t really hurt to take favors once in a while
    5. Pregnancy teaches you to enjoy the changes in your body: This is one time of your life when a growing stomach does not bother you. You are happy when your clothes don’t fit anymore. And though you suffer from nausea, uneasiness, shortness of breath and your whole system seems to take a complete U-turn, you are ready to put up with this and more. Because deep within, you realize that all this is essential to sustain your precious one

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  1. Pregnancy prepares you for parenthood: Parenting is a huge choice and by choosing to get pregnant you realize that it is not a simple chore like shopping. You understand that it calls for a lifetime of dedication and you are mentally ready to jump aboard and take care of the huge responsibilities—physical, mental and psychological—that it brings along
  2. Pregnancy teaches you to be grateful: Pregnancy is special because not all women who want to have children are lucky. If you are among the lucky few, you learn to accept it as a gift from above and feel grateful to reflect on the richness that life offers
  3. Pregnancy teaches you to respect your mother more: Pregnancy is a time you realize what it is to be a mother. It teaches you pain and pleasure that the process brings forth. You understand and begin to respect your mother more because you get a first-hand experience that a mother begins to sacrifice even before she holds her child in her arms
  4. Pregnancy makes you realize how much your family loves and values you: You begin to see how much your husband is caring and loving and how he handholds you in every stage of pregnancy in an attempt to make it smooth for you. To know that someone cares gives you enough mental strength to enjoy the roller coaster ride that pregnancy is often believed to be
  5. You begin to see and appreciate the transformation in your husband: A partner so far, the moment he gets to know you’re pregnant you might notice that he takes his baby steps too to move towards a higher role—of a father, a role filled with new responsibilities. Together you feel strengthened to take everything in your stride. You hope, worry, panic and celebrate together and more than before. Isn’t that wonderful?

Pregnancy is a magical phase that women alone are entitled to. While you get to know who your true friends are, you also learn to appreciate the little blessings that keep coming your way. Pregnancy is a phase during which get time to reflect on all areas of your life, and you become more confident about yourself and your place in this world. Keep these little lessons safe and cherish the exclusive phase that has been bestowed upon you. Good Luck!
What are the lessons you have learned during your pregnancy journey? Do share them with us in the comments section below.

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