Meditation For Getting Pregnant – Does it Help, Types and Tips

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Gunjan Bedi

Fertility MeditationA sedentary lifestyle and intense work stress elevate hormonal issues in women. Though stress may or may not result in fertility problems, it can result in hormonal issues, which lead to ovulatory infertility. In such cases, managing stress is crucial in improving overall well-being. Meditation significantly affects the body and mind when it comes to controlling stress levels. So, how can meditation help you conceive?

It helps to improve hormone levels, which contributes to fertility. Practicing meditation and mindfulness helps to reduce anxiety and mental pressure. If you’re mentally calm and have good hormone secretion, automatically, the chance of conceiving is high. Read below to learn how to start with meditation and what benefits you get with fertility meditation.

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Can Meditation Help You Conceive?

Meditation doesn’t directly help you conceive, but this helps you calm and relax. Meditating on a regular basis can help control medical issues such as hypertension and anxiety and improve mental health. Simply, meditation improves hormonal balance for a successful pregnancy. It also reduces stress factors which are considered one of the important causes of hormonal imbalances and conception failure. Altogether, meditation can help to reduce these conditions that may hinder fertility. 

How Does Meditation Improve the Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Benefits of Meditation to Help You Concieve

Meditation is a practice that helps to focus the mind on thoughts and achieve awareness. Regular meditation helps keep you emotionally calm and returns you to an attentive mind. It helps to reset hormones so you can conceive successfully. Here’s how meditation improves the chances of getting pregnant.

1. Relaxes Body and Mind

Meditation is the right way to keep your body relaxed and calm. Playing soft music and sitting calmly improves your focus. When your body is relaxed, it deliberately comes into the repairing mode. Furthermore, it triggers hormones such as oxytocin and endorphin according to an article published in Science Direct, reducing stress, anxiety, and pressure.

2. Balances Pro-Sex Hormone

Pro-sex hormones such as cortisol and progesterone are crucial for a healthy reproductive state in women. If you’re stressed out, these hormones’ production will drop. This causes progesterone to reconvert to cortisol which in turn affects fertility. Meditation can help improve hormonal levels, contributing to a successful pregnancy. You can practice meditation in combination with medicinal treatment.

3. Reduces Insulin Resistance

Certain women face infertility issues because of strong insulin resistance. Insulin resistance affects ovulation and may cause polycystic ovarian syndrome according to an article published by the National Library of Medicine. This condition further affects fertility hormone secretion. The cortisol hormones significantly affect stress and insulin resistance.

A mindful meditation practice can make things better. Although, it is not scientifically proven that meditation can reduce insulin resistance. But meditation is effective in reducing insulin resistance. Therefore, it is advised to go for medical check-ups with certified doctors to know the root cause of infertility and consult for the best meditation practice.

How to Do Meditation to Boost Fertility?

Here is a step-by-step guide to a basic meditation session

  • To begin with, choose a quiet place free from all forms of distractions.
  • Be sure to sit comfortably, but don’t fall asleep.
  • Wear comfortable or breathable clothes.
  • Start practicing deep breathing and clear your head from all negative distractions.
  • Do not irrelevantly try to control thoughts that come to mind.
  • Simply observe the thoughts and let them go from the head.
  • Though it can be challenging initially, continue to practice to stay focused. 

Types of Meditation You Should Do to Boost Fertility

Types of Meditation to Help You Concieve

Once you are focused, here are a few meditation practices you should try to boost fertility chances.

1. Guided Meditation

Yogis highly recommend guided meditation to improve fertility. This is great for women who can quite avoid distraction and mental stress. The guided meditation uses a guide that commands the listener to do specific actions for successful meditation. This is a beginner-friendly meditation practice that women can try. However, some pregnancy-specific guides are also available, which help to combine a positive mindset with meditation.

2. Chanting Meditation

Chanting meditation is the best practice to keep your mind calm and focused. This kind of meditation is effective for individuals who face problems focusing. Select the resonating words or self-affirming mantras. This can be an excellent choice for chanting meditation. Repeat the mantra slowly with deep breathing and closed eyes. It helps to restore energy and keep your body controlled. Chanting meditation has proven effective in improving hormonal levels, further improving pregnancy chances.

3. Breathing with Left Nostril

According to the yogic realm, breathing exercises and meditation for women relates to moon energy. This helps to boost fertility in women. The positive energy flow can be acquired by practicing breathing with the left nostril while closing the right nostril. Try to focus on one point in the region between the forehead or eyebrows. Start breathing deeply for 10-15 minutes in the morning. This type of meditation is very useful to calm your mind, improve focus, reduce stress, and boost fertility.

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4. Burst Meditation

Burst meditation is the easiest way to improve focus and set back hormones. Moreover, you can do burst meditation anytime for a short period. This involves the simplest activities, such as counting steps, breathing deeply for a few minutes, and a quick mindful practice to keep your mind calm rapidly.

5. Dreamy Meditation

Dreamy meditation is about harnessing the strength of visualization and thinking. This practice is useful to unlock mind thoughts and bring back positive vibes. In this type of meditation, visualization about anything or any happy moment helps to stay focused. Dreamy meditation is very useful to make you feel happy and bring a sense of satisfaction to the body. At the advanced meditation stage, this energy helps to improve the health of the reproductive organs.

Preconception Breathing Technique For a Healthy Reproductive System

Preconception Breathing Technique to Help Concieve

Here is a simple preconception breathing technique that you can follow for a healthy reproductive system.

  • Take a deep breath with your nose
  • Hold your breath for 2-4 seconds
  • Slowly exhale it
  • Waiting for 2-4 seconds
  • Again inhale air deeply and practice the same

Tips for Making Fertility Meditation More Effective

Meditation can be challenging for beginners, and you may find a lot of distractions. So, choosing a clear and distraction-free environment to practice mediation is advised. A few more tips to make meditation more effective are as follows

  1. Play soft, soothing music or chant mantras to set the right mood.
  2. Combine your mind and physical strength.
  3. Breathe calmly and avoid all negative thoughts from the mind.
  4. Make use of aroma and scented candles to create a positive atmosphere.

So to wrap up, can meditation help you conceive? Yes, it can!! Meditation is an age-old practice to achieve a calm mind and relaxed body. It has been proven that stress management with meditation can help in regulating sex hormones that are necessary for successful conception. Choose any meditation practice to feel good and improve your body condition. Let heal naturally with meditation and improve your conception chances.

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1. How Long Does it Take to Meditate?

Beginners can meditate for 10 minutes. This is enough initially, but once you can focus on meditation, you can stretch it up to 30 minutes per session.

2. Does Stress Affect Egg Quality?

Yes, stress can affect egg quality. The increased cortisol level in the body can reduce estradiol production, affecting granulosa cell functions in the follicles. This may lead to deterioration of egg quality.

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