Remedies For Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

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Remedies For Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

Tail bone pain is very common and very normal to feel during pregnancy. It may be a sharp or a dull pain at the end of the spine in the lower back, just between the upper buttocks. The tail bone pain is a common term for coccydynia or coccyx pain, coccyx is the very bottom portion of the spine commonly called tail bone.

In this Article we will discuss the cause of tailbone pain along with some simple exercise to treat tailbone during pregnancy. Finally we will end the article with some easy and effective home remedies to treat tailbone pain during pregnancy.

In This Article

What Causes Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy?

Tail bone is located just behind the uterus. As the baby grows his or her bones, it puts a lot of pressure against your tail bone which causes this pain. One more cause can be the pregnancy hormones. During pregnancy, pregnancy hormones such as relaxing and estrogen are released which help the ligaments to relax, so when they start to relax, it can cause discomfort and pain. These actually help to prepare the body for the baby’s birth.

Can Pregnancy Aggravate Tailbone Pain?

Pregnant having lower back pain

If the tail bone pain is pre-existing due to some conditions, pregnancy can aggravate it further. Some of these pre-existing conditions are:

  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) makes ligament that align your pelvic bone too stretchy or relaxed, which causes pain in the pelvic region, especially in the pubic bone. Tail bone pain associated with pubic pain may radiate down a leg, but not below the knees.
  • Injury in the lower back.
  • Due to constipation.
  • Cancer in the pelvic area.
  • During third trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s head can press upon the coccyx, which may cause pain.

A pregnant woman must not sit or stand for longer periods of time and should keep on changing her position every few hours.

Exercises to Treat Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

swimming to reduce tailbone pain

Following exercises can prove useful to help you relive the tailbone pain to a great extent. Always consult your doctor before taking up a new exercise regime:

1. Standing Pelvic Tilt

Stand straight with your back against the wall and palms facing the wall. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart. Now push the small of your back (lower part of the back where it curves in most) against the wall. Hold for few seconds and then return to the standing position. Gradually increasing the number, you can do upto 10 times.

2. Torso Twist

Sit cross legged on the floor. Hold your right foot with your left hand. Then place your left palm behind you on the floor and slowly twist your upper body to the right. Hold for few seconds then return to starting position. Switch hands and repeat on the other side. Gradually work up to 10 repetitions on both sides.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a good exercise to counteract the increased back strain from pregnancy.

4. Walking

Regular walking for at least 20 minutes will help unblock the strained muscles.

5. Prenatal Yoga

Yoga poses such as cat-cow pose can be very effective in treating tailbone pain in pregnancy. Prenatal yoga also has several other benefits.

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Top 12 Effective and Easy Remedies For Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

women wearing Maternity Belt

Here are top 12 home remedies to treat tailbone pain during pregnancy:

1. Use Special Cushions For Sitting

Avoid sitting on hard surfaces. You can try sitting on the ‘donut’ pillow or U-pillow. You can also try to use an exercise ball to sit to avoid direct pressure on the tail bone.

2. Wear Maternity Belt During Late Pregnancy

Wearing a maternity belt can also help at the end of the second trimester and during the third, it wraps over and under your belly and gives support by lifting the belly. It reduces fatigue by reducing the amount of work the mid and lower back has to do.

3. Avoid Standing or Sitting For Long Periods

Keep changing positions and take frequent short walks.

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4. Apply Heating Pads

Sitting on heating pads or warm soak baths may provide some relief.

5. Sleeping Position

Sleeping positions matters. Sleeping on your back will increase the pain. The best position to sleep in pregnancy is on your left. Apart from relieving the back pain it also improves the blood circulation to placenta.

6. Avoid Bending

Do not bend over to pick objects if you suffer from tailbone pain.

7. Wear Flat Toed Shoes

Avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy to get relief from the tailbone instead wear flats and shoes with cushy soles inside. Is it safe to wear heels during pregnancy?

8. Mild Painkillers

pregnant women taking pain killer

When you are pregnant, always talk to your doctor about your discomfort, you doctor may prescribe you mild painkillers to relieve the tailbone pain. Do not administer.

9. Empty the Bowel Regularly

You can do some measures to relive the constipation as it can worsen the pain as full rectum puts pressure on the tailbone.

10. Massage on the Tailbone

You can get a massage from a pregnancy chiropractor at the tailbone area.

11. Avoid Jerk

Avoid jerking your lower back by standing suddenly from a sitting position.

12. Sleep on Your Left Side

Do not sleep on your back, as it will only make your tailbone undergo more stress and thus be more painful. Sleep on your left side, always.

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Can Tailbone Pain Be Cured?

Pain in tailbone during pregnancy is no doubt, very disturbing. However, you should be careful and make sure you are not making the mistakes that will only aggravate your condition.

There is no cure for the tailbone pain during pregnancy, but the pain usually goes away shortly, sometimes in a few weeks or in months or after delivery. If the pain lasts for more than a few days or if it is severe, see your doctor about any unusual symptoms you are having so the two of you can come up with the best solution.

Hope this article on Remedies For Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy Is helpful. Happy pregnancy.

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