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15 Things That Become Difficult To Do During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can make some things (read many) pretty uncomfortable or hard. Now though you may find it a cakewalk to get a seat in a bus, thanks to the belly, there are everyday things that you will end up struggling with. The beautiful little baby growing inside you is taking everything in her stride, and giving you a nice break from some routine chores, such as:
Things that are hard in pregnancy

15 Things That Become Hard During Pregnancy

  1. Wearing shoes or socks: The days when you could easily put on your socks and shoes and tie your shoelaces with ease and finesse. Now with a wide and big midriff, it essentially becomes hard to do these simple things yourself. Plus point? Get your hubby down on his knees and help you lovingly. Or, just roll on those easy slippers!
  2. Staying awake: Staying awake can be a huge deal during pregnancy, when your body is doing double the hard work and you cannot keep those eyes open for long enough. You’d fall asleep in long and boring meetings, while travelling and even while you wait for your food to arrive in a restaurant
  3. Sleeping: Ha Ha! We know we just said that keeping your eyes open would be a hard bet when you are pregnant, but sleep too, won’t come in easy. When you have to get up to pee every few minutes, it is hard to get those eyes shut. And when you do get them shut, your baby will start to practice acrobats for some Olympics years ahead!
  4. Eating out and about: The early days of pregnancy spell nausea and morning sickness
    for a lot of mommies-to-be. Even if you were a foodie in your pre-pregnancy days, your pregnancy may not even let you eat a mouthful without spitting out. And then when you see all the food going down the toilet again and again, eating may just be difficultlazy pregnant woman
  5. Leaving the bed: The cozy haven of yours, the place that you so badly want to be in, yes that is your comfortable bed. Battling the snooze buttons and a strong gravitational pull towards the bed, it may seem a tad harder to get out of your bed everyday, and it might be a struggle in its own sense
  6. Concentrating and remembering things: Heard about pregnancy brain? It is the brain that does not let your remember why you just walked into a room. Exhaustion can make your concentration levels dwindle, and you may find yourself fumbling at important meetings
  7. Shaving your legs: As if growing a jungle down there was not enough already, pregnancy would even make shaving your legs a difficult task. Imaging bending and trying to get rid of all that hair. Nah!
  8. Being reasonable: Agreed you do not talk sense many times, but when you do, no one likes to take you seriously and start blaming your hormones and mood swings for whatever you are talking on. Hell! All your serious points during an argument get dismissed and people start identifying you as being emotionally wreckwoman shaving legs
  9. Walking around: Taking a stroll around gets harder when on one side you are struggling to keep a balance and take a walk, and on the other, unsolicited advice starts flowing from all directions. Be it pregnancy, labor, or childbirth, everyone has a story that must be shared with you. And that belly touching? Arghh!
  10. Travel plans: The thought of travelling would send your brains into a frenzy. You cannot pass 8 minutes without taking a leak, and travelling long distance would call for more. Plus, who wants to sit in a car or a plane, no matter how comfortable, when all your blood gets clotting down there?
  11. Watching TV: Why must they have babies everyone on TV? Or stories that are emotional and send you on a crying fit? And what about the news and current affairs – is the world really so bad? In what kind of world am I bringing my precious little in? Get the gist? Yeah thatpregnant woman cries
  12. Resisting shopping: Walking through a mall without indulging in some teeny-weeny clothes or accessories or towels or mittens or caps…..yeah, it is difficult. Why do they make the baby things this cute and lovely?
  13. Avoiding long baths: Your favorite place to think about the baby coming, and to shed a tear or two in those overwhelming times. Plus, the magic a soak works on pregnancy aches and pains. And then someone tells you to limit the time hot water touches your belly. And then, wham!
  14. Getting those bowels moving: Probably the hardest thing to do is to get the stuff sitting there to move out and about. No matter how much water you are having or how much fiber is going in, for some women, it is just not enough!
  15. Purchase a bra: Here is a challenge for all those lingerie big brands. Design a bra for pregnant women – one that fits without adjustment and adjusts with the mood. That takes into account the size changes and itching and the mood of the boobs. You hear us, don’t you?

What was toughest and hardest for you during your pregnancy? Do share with us!

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