Are Cherries During Pregnancy Safe to Consume?

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Cherries during pregnancy

Once you become pregnant, you find yourself drooling at all kinds of foods that you never craved before. If cherries happen to top your list, the next question is whether they can be eaten safely during pregnancy. The lovely tanginess of cherries can really make your mouth water and make you crave more during this period.

Relax and indulge in this lovely fruit that has a lot of health benefits, though some precautions are a must. Read on to know more about how these cherries during pregnancy can benefit you during this delicate period.

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Is it Safe to Eat Cherries During Pregnancy?

Cherries during pregnancy are safe to eat. They are fully loaded with Vitamin C and also other nutrients that boost your immunity during the pregnancy phase. But, ensure you pit them before eating them as swallowing the seeds may be dangerous.

Nutrients in Cherries

As mentioned above, cherries contain a good source of Vitamin C. This fruit also has some more nutrients that are deemed healthy and essential for pregnant women. Here is the summary of the essential nutrient values present in a cup of cherries:

Nutrients Value
Calories 97 cal
Carbohydrates 25 grams
Potassium 10% of Daily value
Vitamin C 18% of Daily value
Fiber 3 grams
Copper 5% of Daily value
Protein 2 grams
Manganese 5% of Daily value

Top 10 Benefits of Eating Cherries During Pregnancy

cherries in bowl

Cherries are loaded with high traces of a variety of nutrients including Vitamin A, calcium, dietary fiber, riboflavin, iron, potassium, Vitamin K, phosphorus, and Vitamin E. This makes the addition of this lovely fruit to any person’s diet, especially a pregnant woman’s, a really wonderful supplement. Below are some health benefits of eating cherries during pregnancy:

1. Cherries Are Good For Cough and Colds

Cherries can aid in curing colds, coughs, asthma, and bronchitis. They act as an excellent expectorant for cough-related issues.

2. Cherries Are Loaded with Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals

Packed with calcium, iron, minerals, and proteins, cherries are a wonderful option for a snack during this period.

3. Helps to Control Blood Pressure

Loaded with sample traces of potassium, this fruit is best to regulate blood pressure and also avert the risk of preeclampsia.

4. Relief From Muscle Aches

Cherries also have anti-inflammatory characteristics that provide great relief for women suffering from any muscular issues and pain. This thus becomes a real boon during the pregnancy period.

5. Low on Calories

If you happen to be weight-conscious during this phase and watch whatever you eat very carefully, cherries can be a good friend to you. They are very low on calories, and you can easily munch on them.

6. Helps You to Sleep Better

Very often, the various discomforts you experience during pregnancy begin hampering your sleep pattern. Cherries that contain traces of the hormone called melatonin are ideal for inducing sleeping. So it is a good idea to consume a glass of lip sacking cherry juice in order to overcome the insomnia that you experience during this period.

7. Relieves Constipation

One of the most widespread issues that most pregnant women face during this phase is constipation. Cherries loaded with fiber are an ideal alternative for the laxatives that are usually prescribed during this period to avert constipation. Cherries aid to normalize your bowel movements and get rid of constipation.

8. Gives Your Immunity System a Good Boost

During pregnancy, the immunity levels of the mother are normally quite low and make them easily prone to various infections and diseases. Cherries are packed with Vitamin C that provides an excellent boost to your immunity levels keeping different kinds of diseases at bay.

9. Promotes Brain Health

Cherries contain traces of anthocyanin that are ideal for the protection of natural cells and stimulating the promotion of the brain health of the fetus inside you. Plus if you are suffering from pregnancy brain, Balaton cherries can help you a great deal.

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10. Helps to Relieve Fatigue

Since they are loaded with water content, cherries, if made a part of your regular diet, are ideal for providing the much-required boost to your energy levels and helps to keep fatigue at bay.

11. Regulates Swelling and Inflammation

Anthocyanin, which provides the red color to this lovely fruit, has been found to be quite effective in lowering inflammation, joint pains, and swelling that normally occurs during this pregnancy period.

Precautions to Take While Consuming Cherriespregnant woman having cherries

If you are suffering from any medical issues, then it’s better to consult your doctor before having cherries during pregnancy:

  • The fruit pits, leaves, and bark of this fruit contain traces of a poisonous chemical known as hydrocyanic acid. So it is important that you consume only pitted cherries during pregnancy.
  • If you have gestational diabetes, it is not a good idea to consume cherries.
  • Ensure that cherries are washed well before eating as they may contain all kinds of bacteria that can trigger unwanted infections during this sensitive period.

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Side Effects of Eating Cherries During Pregnancy

Although cherries have been found to be really beneficial during pregnancy, there are some adverse effects that occur if you consume them during pregnancy:

  • Many cases of tummy ache and gas issues (including bloating) have been reported by women who consume cherries during pregnancy.
  • Eating cherries during pregnancy can trigger allergic reactions in some women that can cause unwanted complications during pregnancy.
  • Chewing, crushing, or scraping cherries can discharge prussic acid. This is actually one of the components of hydrogen cyanide which is extremely poisonous and can even cause fetal death.

So even though cherries are a wonderful addition to any woman’s pregnancy diet, moderation needs to be observed while consuming this fruit. Also, make sure you consult your doctor about the safety of consuming cherries before making them a part of your pregnancy diet.

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1. Can I Consume Maraschino Cherries When Pregnant?

Maraschino cherries are  preserved, sweetened cherries. Just like fresh cherries, Maraschino cherries are also rich in many nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. However, too much consumption might increase the blood sugar level. Therefore pregnant women with gestational diabetes should consult with a doctor before having maraschino cherries.

2. Is it Safe to Eat Dried Cherries During Pregnancy?

Dried cherries are not safe for all women during pregnancy. This is because this preserved form of cherries contain sulphites.  Therefore eating dry cherries may trigger inflammation in pregnant women who are allergic to sulphites.

3. How to Select Fresh Cherries?

It is important to eat fresh cherries to reap all its health benefits. Avoid bruised or wrinkled cherries. Look for cherries that are:

  • Firm to touch
  • Plump, and dense
  • Comes with bright green stems

4. Can I Eat the Cherry Pits When Pregnant?

Yes you can. You can just have the cherries with the pits inside if you like them. They are harmless as long as you swallow and not chew on them.

5. How Can Eating Cherries During Pregnancy Benefit the Unborn Child?

Cherries are rich in antioxidants. This can help build the baby’s immune system. Cherries also improve blood flow from mother to baby, thus carrying essential nutrients.

6. Can Cherries Help Me Sleep Better When Pregnant?

Many pregnant women suffer from disturbed sleep and insomnia. Cherries are a rich source of melatonin – a sleep inducing hormone. You can either eat cherries or drink cherry juice.

7. Can Snacking on Cherry Help When Am Pregnant?

Pregnant women experience fatigue and get tired easily. Cherries are sweet and an instant energy booster. Keep a bowl of cherries at hand and pop a couple of them in every time you feel tired.

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