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12 New Year Resolutions All Moms Want To Keep

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Its New Year’s Eve…time to party and ring in the New Year. Time to start fresh. Time to start something new. Being a mom is a tough job but you have been doing it well! As you say good bye to 2016, it is time to pat yourself on the back and set in place some plans for the New Year. To help you out, we have gone ahead and composed a list of 12 mommy resolutions for the Year 2017. So go ahead and check these out and get some inspiration for resolutions of your own!
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12 New Year Resolutions Moms Will Want To Keep

New Year with it brings New Year’s Resolutions. It is that time of year when we all think about what we want to do differently next year. Here are 12 New Year’s Resolutions that should be on every mom’s list.

    1. Get in shape: This has been on nearly everyone’s New Year’s resolution list at some point of time. Losing weight and getting back in shape is the topmost resolution that every mom wishes to achieve. It is easy to start a new exercise regime or a diet plan but the challenge is to stick to one in long run. Key here it to make a routine. Find a workout buddy or join a yoga or Pilate class to make working out more fun
    2. Eat healthier: This is an addition to the above resolution. Changing to eating healthy can be a little tricky since these days we see a lot of tempting cheap junk food around us and can easily fall prey to it. It requires a lot of determination but it is not impossible to develop healthy eating habits. Set an example in front of your kids by eating healthy. It’s ok to binge once in a while but make eating healthy a lifestyle choice
    3. Make time for yourself: Yes this is essential. The more you invest in yourself, less overwhelmed you will be to take on the responsibilities that come with motherhood. So don’t get trapped in being busy and take out time for yourself. Try and take a relaxing bath or a siesta, go out on a lunch date with a close friend. Remember your wellbeing both physical and emotional should still be a priority even after you have kids
    4. Don’t be hard on yourself: It’s easier said than done. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. You are doing a wonderful job feeding, cleaning and loving your kids. So try to be a good mom rather than aiming to be a supermom. Your family will function at its best when you are happy and healthy. So it’s okay to stumble, to feel tired and to want your own space. Just remember not to be too hard on yourself
    5. Make time to go out on dates: As a mom, life is certainly busy. Kids and work get all your attention but don’t forget about the man you married, nurture your marriage. This year spend more time investing in your spouse. Think of little ways you can show him you care. Plan a date night or a movie night with your spouse. Remember happy parents are the base for a happy family
    6. Ask for more help when it’s needed: Motherhood is a tough job and you don’t have to do it all on your own. It’s ok to get help and support from your spouse, your family and close friends. Just don’t feel guilty asking for help

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  1. Be present: Your kids should not compete for your attention just because you are hyper connected to work. Try to set aside some time for your kids and give them your full attention and focus. Try and disconnect yourself from work and make sure that time is exclusively for your kids and you are not in front of the computer or cell phone or iPad or TV screen. Your kids will thank you for it and you will develop a better bond with them
  2. Make time for play: Make time for your kids. It is understandable that as a couple you are busy in your work and you are not spending enough time to play with your kids every day. As a mom, you can take the initiative and make a family rule. You can designate a particular night as game night where as a family you can spend time playing some board games or any outdoor game of your kid’s liking. This way you hang out together as a family and have a good time
  3. Make a plan for the kids to help you with chores at home: Do you want to spend more quality time with your kids? Then why not have them help you with the housework. When the whole family makes mess and just one person is responsible for cleaning it up, it is not fair. So assign responsibilities to your kids to accomplish. A younger kid can pick up toys and the older kid can help you with much more. All this will lead to you all having some fun time together!
  4. Have more patience: As the New Year approaches, make a resolution to be more patient with your kids, husband and yourself. It’s easy to lose patience in no time and then regret it later. You yell at your child and then you pacify him and try to be friends again. So instead of making both you and your kid suffer, try to keep your patience. When you feel your temper is rising, try to count to ten before you yell, spank, scream or say something you don’t mean
  5. Promise to say “yes” more often to your kids: We know that it is necessary for the kids to learn that they cannot get everything they want. But rather than always saying “No” to your child, try saying “Yes” to his wishes for a change even if it means breaking a few rules like allowing him to have an extra chocolate or watching a little more TV
  6. Resolve to be happy: We have often heard this phrase that “happiness is a choice” and it is so true. So instead of getting mad at yourself when you feel down, do something that will make you happy. Make a list of things you are thankful for or listen to some happy music in your car

Remember a bucket is filled drop by drop. So don’t expect miracles to happen overnight and just stick to your resolutions. We would love to see you achieve all your plans. And don’t forget to share your New Year resolutions with us.
We wish all the wonderful moms the very best in all that you desire to do and have a wonderful New Year 2017 !

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