Walk Your Way To Fitness During Pregnancy

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Walk Your Way To Fitness During Pregnancy

We often see pregnant women going for walks right from the early weeks. The time spent on walking exercises increases as the weeks go by. Whether it is your first or fifth pregnancy, being active helps keep your spirits high. It helps ease nausea and back pain. Many doctors recommend walk your way to fitness during pregnancy because it is an entirely safe and accessible active mode.

In this article, we can learn more about whether it is safe to walk during pregnancy and when to start and take a pause to walk. Let’s get started.

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Is It Safe To Walk During Pregnancy?

Yes. It is safe to walk during pregnancy. Walking is a great cardio workout that loosens up the muscles and lowers the risk of problems during pregnancy and delivery. The walking exercise keeps you away from gestational diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise per day for five days a week for pregnant women.

Walking also helps cope with several other pregnancy symptoms, including constipation, weight gain, Mood Swings, Back Pain, and many more. It is important to note that each pregnancy is different. It is always better to talk to your doctor about your symptoms and check if walking can be a good exercise for your body.

When Should You Start Walking During Pregnancy?

When Should You Start Walking During Pregnancy_

You can start walking as soon as you know you are pregnant. It is the simplest and easiest way to kick-start your workout mode. You need not wait to meet your doctor and get the green signal for walking. Always start with the pace that will suit your body better. You can always scale up or down the pace of walking based on your body’s capabilities.

Reasons Why Walking Is Encouraged During Pregnancy

Walking is encouraged during pregnancy because:

  • It eases the process of labor, walking helps the joints to remain flexible, and hips can easily expand during the time of delivery. It also makes your heart stronger and builds a higher level of stamina.
  • Walking helps in good circulation of blood, preventing varicose veins (swollen, twisted veins) caused by sitting in the same position for a long period.
  • It fights morning sickness and makes you active. Even after delivery, walk keeps the body active and strong.
  • It also reduces the chances of constipation.
  • It burns extra calories and helps in shedding extra fat.
  • Walking acts as a stress buster. If you walk with your partner, you can share your thoughts with him and release all your stress and worries. Even if you walk alone, it gives you a peaceful state of mind.

Rules For Walk Your Way To Fitness During Pregnancy

Rules For Walking During Pregnancy

Before you start on the most suitable exercise that suits almost all pregnant women, you must ensure the following:

Warming Up

Take two minutes of your time to warm up.

  • Ankle Circles Move your toes in circular motions 6-8 times, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat with the other foot. Take the support of a wall or a railing
  • Swing the legs Balance yourself on one foot holding a wall or rail and Swing your free leg forward and back from your hip in a relaxed motion. Repeat 10-20 times; switch legs and repeat
  • Arm Circles Stand while holding arms straight out to the sides. Circle arms backward ten times; repeat in the opposite direction

Cooling Off

After you are done with your walk, take 5 minutes to do some stretching exercises – back, shoulders, hips, thighs, and calves. This should not hurt even when your pregnancy progresses

Points To Be Kept In Mind While Walking

Before you kick-start your walking exercise, there are specific points that you need to consider.

  • Buy sneakers Shoes. Walking with regular sandals may increase back and knee pain.
    Always remember to carry a bottle of water with you. Keep hydrated before and after the exercise.
  • Let us discuss other points that are specific to each trimester.

Walk Your Way To Fitness During Pregnancy First Trimester

It is the time when you decide to go on a walking regimen. It is always best to start with a slower pace, starting with five minutes a day. You can add an extra five minutes each week until you reach 30 minutes at a stretch.

In the first trimester, your nausea and morning sickness will keep you down all the time. Walking can help lift your mood and keep your spirits high. If you are already in a very active workout mode, you can continue following your workouts more vigorously now. Of course, get your doctor’s approval for a strict workout regime.

Walk Your Way To Fitness During Pregnancy Second Trimester

The second trimester is the honeymoon period of pregnancy, where morning sickness and nausea take a back seat. You might feel more energetic and want to walk more. But it is always better to increase the pace gradually. It is better to do things sparingly.

Walk Your Way To Fitness During Pregnancy Third Trimester

Your pregnancy belly might have grown well, and you may be able to feel the change in the center of gravity during your third trimester. It is better to go for flat and straight roads instead of an uneven path.

When Should You Consider Slowing It Down?

When Should You Consider Slowing It Down_

Every day is a new and different one during pregnancy. While you might feel all energetic and brisk on one day, you might feel sick and down the other day. So, when you feel sick and down, it is better to go for a short walk, follow some other exercise like yoga, or skip a day from exercise.

Doctors may ask you to slow down a bit on your exercise at any point during pregnancy if you are having any sort of other body conditions, including,

  • Anemia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Ruptured Membranes
  • Risk for Preterm Labor
  • Cerclage
  • Heart or Lung Diseases.


1. How Much Walking Should A Pregnant Woman Walk?

A. The CDC recommends at least 30 minutes of walking daily for all pregnant women five days a week.

2. What Happens If I Don’t Walk During Pregnancy?

A. If you do not walk during pregnancy, try to include any other form of physical activity. Lack of exercise during pregnancy can cause many problems, such as obesity in the mother, emergency C-sections, early labor, and much more.

3. Does Walking Make Labor Easier?

A. Yes. Walking can speed up the process of labor and delivery.

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