Muslim Boy names starting with B

Name Meaning Gender Numerlogy
Baadi Distinct, Evident, Plain, Wonderful, Marvelous, Unique Boy 8
Baadiyah Name of a sahabiyyah, Desert Boy 6
Baahi Glorious, Magnificent, Splendid, Brilliant, Shining Boy 3
Baahir Dazzling, Brilliant Boy 3
Baal Young, Infant, Strong, Strength, Vigour, Bridge, Victory Boy 7
Baaligh Major, Eloquent, Learned, Vivid Boy 4
Baar Just, Pious Boy 4
Baare Brilliant, Superior Boy 9
Baari One of the names of God, Evolver a name of Allah, Free from the hell Boy 22
Baariq Shining, Lighting, Illuminating, Glitter, Flash, Luster, Bright Boy 3

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