Hindu Girl names starting with M

Name Meaning Gender Numerlogy
Maagha Name of a Nakshathra, Months name Girl 22
Maaheshvari Power of Lord Mahesha (Lord Shiva) Girl 6
Maahi River, Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined, The number one Girl 5
Maala Garland Girl 1
Maalavi Princess, A musical Raag Girl 5
Maalika Daughter, Queen, Owner, A garland, Jasmine, Intoxicating drink Girl 3
Maalini Fragrant, Jasmine, Gardener, Another name for Goddess Durga and the Ganges, A garland maker, Wearing a garland Girl 5
Maanasa Conceived in the mind Girl 5
Maanasi With a sound mind, A lady, Intellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Saraswati Girl 22
Maanavi Girl with humanity, One who poses all best qualities Girl 7

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